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Welcome beloved one! We are honored that you have joined us now, in this very moment and are consciously aware that serendipity has brought you here. Regardless of how you discovered us, the universe is speaking and you are listening! We have had the honor to share messages from the Archangelic Realm, most often Archangel Zadkiel, and the Blue Starborn and Essene for over 10 years now. We truly understand the journey you are on. Merging a conscious spiritual journey within your everyday life can be challenging and frustrating. The Practical and Enlightened Experience of Spirit is what drew you here. Your Divine Connection lovingly places everything in perspective and lifts the soul into bliss regardless of what the external world may present. We live this gift daily. It was the Archangel Zadkiel who shared so beautifully, “The state of integrated successful spiritual living is known simply as: Self-Ascension.”

Now that we are through 2012 and living the great shifts beyond, what will the future hold? We are bombarded with rapidly advancing technology, the constant threat of global war and financial collapse is the seeming talk of the day. Fear is everywhere and yet you are here! Are we coming closer to a Rapture and dynamic Earth Changes, and where will global warming take us; we know things are changing! Humanity is at the ultimate moment of revelation.

You are living a great adventure and you chose to be here...on this! The paradox of separation with its many intricacies has become the fabric for your life’s journey. This cacophony of experience has brought you to your opportunity of awakened Consciousness. It is time to live abundantly, joy-fully and with the presence of the master you are. Your spiritual life IS your life! Get ready, let go of dogma and open your heart! Breathe deeply, explore this site and let your heart guide you to discover a world that has been waiting for you. Smile…its your time for Self-Ascension®!

Archangelic Messages

Archangelic Messages
Profound and Relevant:
Welcome to 100′s of pages of Timely Messages

On this page you will discover series after series of Self-Ascension Messages delivered through Sri

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The Healing Light

The Healing Light: Prayer Requests

Send your prayers and intentions. Tap into this loving, healing energy of the Archangelic Realm.

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Climate Change
HAARP’s Impact on Global Climate Change…and Your Spiritual Awakening!

Climate change as it relates to global warming is something that’s been in the news for a whil


Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections – April 2014

April 2014 Daily Reflections Offered by Miracle Team Member Elaine Aschbacher Selections taken from

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Weekly Practices

Weekly Practices – April 2014

April Weekly Practices Offered by Miracle Team Member, Elaine Aschbacher and are taken from, “Livi

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