Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sri and Kira: Self Ascension Magazine The state of integrated successful spiritual living.

Learning Events


August Cosmic Life Regression Mastery

A four day adventure with Sri and Kira that offers mastery in this profound technique and certification to teach this modality! Your soul has been on a journey for eons that when embraced frees you to enjoy a more abundant life! Limited attendance to insure your mastery! Hurry! Only 1 spot remains.


Personal Evolution Immersion Journey – 2014

The ultimate spiritual journey with Sri and Kira! An intimate experience that will assist you to discover greater clarity and depth of purpose. Discover the beauty of this process for yourself and manifest the life of miracles you deserve. These programs are near capacity for 2014 so click here to find an open date!

Latest Practices


July 2014 Revelations

Tune in anytime during the month and gain greater clarity about the energies that are presenting and how to navigate them. An always timely sharing from Sri and Kira to assist you with your journey and the massive shifts that are on our planet now.


July 2014 Insoulment

The Mastery Process! The stunning message of manifestation that was delivered this month invites us to dive deeply into our mastery and also gifts us with a beautiful energetic practice that opens greater gateways. Watch, read or listen!


Daily Reflections – July 2014

Loivngly selected by Miracle Team member Tomoko Ahnkyo Kamimura gift yourself with daily inspiration. Simply go to toddy’s date and allow the energy to flow through you. Also be sure to tune in with the weekly practices.

Welcome beloved one! We are honored that you have joined us now, in this very moment and are consciously aware that serendipity has brought you here. Regardless of how you discovered us, the universe is speaking and you are listening! We have had the honor to share messages from the Archangelic Realm, most often Archangel Zadkiel, and the Blue Starborn and Essene for over 10 years now. We truly understand the journey you are on. Merging a conscious spiritual journey within your everyday life can be challenging and frustrating. The Practical and Enlightened Experience of Spirit is what drew you here. Your Divine Connection lovingly places everything in perspective and lifts the soul into bliss regardless of what the external world may present. We live this gift daily. It was the Archangel Zadkiel who shared so beautifully,

“The state of integrated successful spiritual living is known simply as: Self-Ascension.”