Monday, October 24, 2016

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  • Have just started to read your book “2012 Awakening” and find the message and information very congruent with my spiritual beliefs and unfoldment, thank you. gh.

  • Thank You:fOR SHOWING UP TO DO THIS WORK, as a couple, representing Light Beings from all “times” and all “places”. Especially, I wish to thank you for choosing the area of Guatamala for Gaia,Hu-man Ascension focus this 11/11/11. My heart is healed just knowing this is planned! One of the “hooks” shadowing a portion of my Light Consciousness from the ’60’s; re: wars and global control and manipulation – by way of there having been created “seeming” problems requiring “solutions” senarios ie: drug wars. Is finally healed and released! Thank you! Now by 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 well into 20/20/20 we can celebrate All the precious valued riches {most importantly the people)destined to live FREELY in our Beloved Western Hemisphere, From the tip of South America through Mexico, Central and North America into Canada! As Gaia’s, White Dragon Spirit of Kundalini completes HER move from Tibet to this Ordained Cyclic Shift and Re seats Her Self! I wil be with you in what ever manner possible always! Love, Light and Laughter!

  • Blessings for 2012!

  • I found your book “2013 A Mayan Sunrise” at my local library and enjoyed it immensely. Since then it has been on my mind everyday as if I missed something there. Soon it will come in and I will find it. I am grateful for all the insight and wisdom from both of you.

  • Thank you, so much for these gifts.

  • In prepations for ascension and Oneness

  • Empathy with you . love Both of your connectedness on video . J.L.L Peter

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