Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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The Healing Light: Prayer Requests


Send your prayers and intentions. Tap into this loving, healing energy of the Archangelic Realm.



Click here for information on the Miracle Team

The work of the Archangelic realm and TOSA is available for you 24 hours a day. You can tap into this loving, healing energy by participating in the Healing Light.

All prayers and intentions submitted to the Healing Light receive a wave of Miracle Energy generated by the Miracle Team’s Monthly Miracle Manifestation Ceremony held on the last Sunday of each month! This energy continues through the following month and miracles unfold.

Your prayers and Intentions sent to us will be printed and placed on the highly energized and sacred TOSA altar at beautiful Lake Atitlan. At this most sacred site, your sacred intentions will be energized in the full presence of the Crystalline City and the Ascended Masters as they are lovingly energized with the intent that the highest good be served. After bathing in these profound healing energies for one week, they will then be released through a fire ceremony at our authentic ceremonial site as consecrated by the Mayan elders.

When the elders initiated this site they said: “All who come here with sincere intent will be healed of any infirmity whether it is spiritual, mental, physical or emotional. We are grateful to share this gift with you at absolutely no charge and trust your prayers and intentions will manifest with profound miracle energy as they have for thousands over the past 8 years. This email address is to receive your prayers only.

Know the true power of the LOVE that YOU are!

Many Blessings,

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Use the form below to submit your prayers, intentions, and miracles to manifest, or email to:

All other communications should be sent to:

Click here for more information on the ceremony

Click here for information on the Miracle Team

Click here for more information on the ceremony

Click here for information on the Miracle Team

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  • Shine On…This is adding BEAUTY to the planet…Thank you to Suzanne Toro for enlightening me to your abundant gifts/work.
    In peace,

  • Thank you SRI RAM KAA & KIRA RAA for offering this profound gift for those who are ready. I am truly greatful for the both of you!!!I lookforward to when our paths will meet.

  • Thanks Sri and Kira for this wonderful gift I keep you in my heart and hope to see you again soon.
    :) Radiance

  • Thank you, Sri and Kira, for your heart guidance and LOVELY magical energy :)
    ♥~♡.¸¸.•´¯`♡ Blessings☼ ♡´¯`•.¸¸.♡~♥

  • Beloved Sri and Kira!

    At 26 june I woke up half an hour before the call, here in Sweden
    in the night. After a while I felt i burning in my hands and then
    in my back and a lot of energi!!
    Thank you for that experence!
    Love Margaretha

  • such love and sweet reminder of TRUTH!

  • I Am so grateful for your presence as guiding light for us on this beautiful planet.

    So Much Love,
    Ellen & Karen

  • Sometimes I am in awe of the miraculous nature of the energy I sense when tuned into Source…With Love and in the Light ~ thank you for these webpages.

  • Thank you so much for all that you both do. You have both helped me so much in a very short time. I cannot say Thank You enough! Much much love and gratitude to God, our Angels, to both of you, and to ALL!!

  • Thanks Sri and Kira and see you soon at Feb cant wait to come to see you with all my love

  • Thank you for all that you do to bring more peace, love and beauty to the world!

    Many blessings and much love

  • Highest Good and Love Always! Thank you for reaching out and sending your love, sharing your wisdom and being! ^_^

  • Such Love is Eternal. I rejoice in the Presence of such love on ‘Earth’ today —- Thank you. Christy

  • Thank you for this wonderful service!

  • Gratitude and multidimensional blessings!

  • I am so grateful to both of you thank you abothfor your courage and great Love. Let’s keep on, keeping on. We are almost there !! Much love to All who who are on this planet at this time, Hallelujah, Christy

  • Thank you Sri,Kira and Miracle Team for your love and support. Many blessings to you!

  • Angel Hugs and blessings
    Greatest Thank You for all You do and this oportunity, I had fenomenal Life changing experience at the Lake Atitlan at the Sacred Ceremony…it changed my life forever ..I never felt so much Love and Joy in my life before. I am changed, so much energy and Peace and Joy and Love…………..
    I Am here, I Am ready , I Am open…I Am guided…<3

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